I’m Halli- most call me Hal. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee but my family moved to San Diego, California before my second birthday so I don’t exactly get to claim my southern roots without sounding like a try hard. I am in love with this city and I’m honored to call it my home.  
 I grew up being homeschooled (I’m not that weird - I promise.) Judging from my sincere disdain for anything math related I was confident from childhood that my future was not likely to be in the field of mathematics, science, engineering, or medicine. Every dream of mine has always been artistically inclined. At fifteen I was offered an internship with a boutique design firm in San Diego called M.Swabb Decor + Style. That internship quickly developed into a full time position which I have enjoyed for the past three years as there social media marketer, photographer, & interior decorator. Simultaneously I began filling every weekend with wedding, interior home, and styled family shoots. I’ve grown so much through this sweet season of life. Recently, I made the decision to venture off into full blown entrepreneurship and go full time with photography. 
 It brings me great joy to create beautiful art by preserving the most important moments and memories for my clients. I also have great passion for capturing architecture and design through my unique perspective.    


real moments


gorgeous florals